Une (4ème de) couverture en forme d'hommage et l'Interview de son auteur en prime !

Aujourd’hui, il est temps de parler un peu du très grand artiste qui a réalisé la Couverture et la Quatrième de Couv' de mon premier livre.

Dr Conz a réussi à mettre en image de manière impressionnante ce que j'avais imaginé depuis longtemps pour ce volume !

Il échange aussi quelques mots avec nous ci-dessous pour nous en dire un peu plus sur lui et vous permettre ainsi de mieux le connaître comme il se doit.


Pour reste fidèle à ses propos j'ai aussi choisi de ne pas les traduire en espérant que la gène ne sera pas trop grande pour certains d'entre vous.


1 - First of all, can you tell us Who is Conz ?

Conz is just big kid from Francistown , Botswana. Born to make art for as long as I could hold a pencil. Always loved drawing, firstly with pencils and now digitally. But I always love the feel of pencil on paper.

2 - And is becoming an Artist always be on your mind since childhood ?

I have always wanted to be an artist, and even Now I stubbornly refuse to be anything else. 
Could have gone into medicine/ bio-chemistry but art is and was my calling. I can't imagine doing anything else.

3 - Can you tell us about your past work and the future one ?

I've done something concept for work Subversive Games, Gameview Studios and Skysoul. Which was all video game work, I Also did some work for animation studio in I forget the name, I hope they forgive me. And Some visual development stuff for an early start-up animation studio B-more cartoon studios. I currently developing my a few personal projects and joint  projects with Various writers and doing some marketing  Promotion stuff for a local business in Botswana.

4 - Do you have artists, titles, characters you like to follow (even today) for inspiration ?

I tend to follow artists not titles, so if an artist I Like is on a project I will follow it religiously.
The list of artists that inspire me is long but to name a few  there's: Joe Madureira, J. Scott. Campbell, Jim Lee, Nathan Fawkes, Ian McCaig, Ryan Lang, Scott Robertson, Sean "Cheeks"   Galloway, Sam Neilson...etc the list goes and please forgive me my spelling might be off on A few names.

5 - You use digital drawing/coloring for your work. Can you tell us why and what is the process to make deadlines "easier" ?

To be honest I struggle a lot with color and light I'm basically digitally painting to get better at it.
I've always been a penciller and coloring digitally was a way to improve at it. As for meeting deadlines I feel knowing yourself really Helps with that. Time how long it takes for us to Do a particular piece i.e. Maybe a bust, then Full body, then full illustration and see how long it generally takes. That's how I'm able to gauge How long a particular piece will take. I'm sure there's another way but that's usually how I meet deadlines.

6 - To finish, what's the last word you like to share with us ?...

My last words for aspiring artists...don't give up If u want to be an artist...don't give up. Keep at Keep learning keep practicing, soak up the knowledge like a sponge. And don't let life and It's strife deter u, keep at it till u get it. Never give-up, never surrender.:)


Nous travaillons déjà d'arrache-pied sur le second volume et je dois dire que là encore il s'est de nouveau surpassé au vue des premières esquisses et travaux préliminaires !


Vous pouvez retrouvez son travail sur son blog en cliquant ici !

4ème Couv L1
Notre belle D.H. !

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